Good Eats: Frankreichfest & The Bosporus Restaurant

Frankreichfest! Viva la France! Or, for us, walk around with a glass of French wine and try not to get trampled on by hungry/thirsty locals!

Our first open air summer event in Düsseldorf brought France to Altstadt in the form of about a hundred little tents selling French cheese, flatbreads, trinkets and, of course, wine! In typical French fashion, we were required to put a deposit down on a real wine glass since drinking from anything less would ruin the perfect sip. Glass in hand (white [weiß] for Corey, red [rot] for Jon), we wandered along the tents, too worried about how to ask for a slice, and not the whole wheel, in German to buy any good stinky cheese. We found a tent selling flatbread pizzas too delicious smelling to pass up and brought our treasure to the riverfront for dinner with a view. As the sun went down and the cool night set in (it’s goes down to about 50 degrees most nights), we walked back through the Old Town, grabbing a cone of gelato along the way (World Cup winning pistachio for Jon, Coffee for Corey). Satisfied that our first community event as residents of the city was a success we returned to our temporary apartment to plan for the next day’s adventures.

Along the festival streets
Along the festival streets
Delicious flatbread pizza with a glass of French wine.
Delicious flatbread pizza with a glass of French wine.

On Saturday night, after our adventure to Köln (see next post), craving lamb instead of bratwurst, we visited The Bosporus Restaurant for dinner. Boasting Turkish-style dining and service, the restaurant was a quick walk and a slam dunk. Our enthusiastic server surprised us immediately by carting over a platter of the daily fresh fish selections (the actual fish they would cook for us) including scallops which he convinced us he could sear with some herbs and Turkish spices along a bed of spinach and peppers…sold! Whoever said European portions were small clearly were not talking about Germany, the portions are huge! And there’s always a hearty bread with olives and some sort of sauce to start. At Bosporus, there was fresh in-house baked bread with black & white sesame seeds with homemade spiced olive oil, and then an entire cold starter plate (complimentary) with hummus, diced tomato medley, chopped eggplant, etc. Then the delicious scallops, and then a meal for both us. We’re full just thinking about it again. But we did not stop there, the food was so good and the server so personable and grateful that we had to keep eating. Stewed warm strawberries over Turkish vanilla ice cream (watching out for the random full peppercorns) and a glass of Turkish tea…both incredible. Needless to say, we will be going back and taking photos so you can share in this dining experience.

And public service announcement, Germans will ask you if you hated the food if you don’t eat every single morsel on the plate…which is a vicious circle for Corey since the portions are so big!

Successful foodie weekend for us 🙂

Up next….a bit about our trip down the Rhein to Köln.

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