We checked a new country off our list a few weeks ago (this post is a bit delayed because of all the work/travel we’ve been doing!) by visiting Luxembourg. The country was an interesting mix of cultures, food, people and castles (and also cured our nostalgia of fall in New England)! We stayed in Vianden, Luxembourg right below the beautiful Vianden castle shown on the cover image, but more about that later.

On Saturday we drove deeper into the country through winding, dangerous roads to start a day of castle exploring. The first castle we hit was Larochette, which teetered high above the town on the edge of a massive expanse of rock. Although more ruins than castle, some of the castle dates back to the 11th century. We were wowed by the beautiful fall foliage in the town below and the sheer size of the castle. Easy to imagine how grand it once was!


Later in the day, we headed a few kilometers South (we were supposed to hike there but got lazy and the map was confusing) to Beaufort Castle. As old as Larochette but slightly more restored, we checked out the castle’s ancient torture chamber and tasted the local liqueur made only in the neighboring town from cassis (blackcurrant) berries (fruity but strong).


Vianden as a town dates back to about 700 as a Roman fortress and there’s actually still evidence of their original fortress underneath the beautiful Vianden Castle. We walked through the original part of the castle as well as the more modern part built in the 11th to 16th century. Corey’s favorite part was the completely original (11th century) and untouched wine cellar that was always hidden and safe during times of war or abandon. The town of Vianden is beautifully set along the Our river with the impressive castle overlooking it. We spent both nights walking around the bustling little town and sampling the local cuisine, an intriguing fusion of German and French styles.


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