The Black Forest & bridge to France

After a lot of hemming and hawing, we finally purchased our German cuckoo clock from the Black Forest a few weeks ago! We headed south to the very heart of the Black Forest in Triberg, a small forest town known for their historical watchmaking expertise. We were not impressed by the touristy clock shop that claims to sell 1,000 different cuckoo clocks (of course they don’t mention they are mass-produced with shoddy craftsmanship), but we did find a real gem up the street at Oli Schnitzstube. Besides the overwhelmingly German name, the clocks inside as well as one of the makers were enough to sell us. Gorgeously hand crafted and each completely unique, we found the perfect clock to keep forever!

After committing to our clock (and getting a pic with the maker, see below!), we checked out the Triberg Waterfalls. A nice loop walk through the woods and back around town kept us busy for a few hours enjoying the foliage and German country life. Happy with our day enjoying the beauty of Triberg, we made sure to stop at the ‘World’s Largest Cuckoo clock’ on the way out of town! (check some of our pics in the slideshow below)

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We continued on the path of fall to Lahr, Germany right on the edge of the forest, which was holding a mums festival. As mums are one of our fall favorties (although suspiciously ours died while Corey was away at work…), we couldn’t resist checking out downtown Lahr. Mums were everywhere! Mostly in the form of large Grimm fairy tale characters (or in the case of Snow White, a much creepier version of Michael Myers from Halloween) but they were also spilling out windows and wrapped around lamposts. We found some hanging off the town’s former castle, Tiefburg, where only the prison tower is left.


Oh,the first city centre UNESCO site is on our way home, let’s go!  That was the thought process that led us to Strasbourg, France on the way home Sunday. Well that and picking up a baguette for dinner. Strasbourg is the capital of the Alsace region of France (wine!) and considered the bridge between France and Germany. The city itself is over 2,000 years old and settlements have existed on its site since the Celts in early BC.

We marveled at the historic city centre lined along the River Ill. The Strasbourg Cathedral was also beautifully gothic and worth a visit to crane your neck up. For a short time it was the tallest building in the world! Before we headed home, we enjoyed a croque monseiur (grilled cheese with ham) while listening to a street performance of a Game of Thrones song (Jon was impressed, Corey not so much). Once home, we ate the entire baguette for dinner….ahhhh European living!



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