Zurich, Switzerland

Eager to see some snow-capped Alps, we spent last weekend exploring the city of Zurich. Our weather luck was 50/50 – one day of snow/rain/fog and one day of mostly sunny.


As a central part of Europe, Zurich is an interesting mix of cultures that was sometimes confusing (typically 3 or 4 languages on the menus), but we certainly enjoyed some of the location traditions and specialities…especially the chocolate! With chocolate cafes seemingly on every street, we sampled a few before we committing to buying a box of the ten best to bring home (needless to say, we already ate them all by the end of the week). We also tried the famous macaroons from Cafe Sprungli, which are almost identical to French macaroons but are mini sized!

We fit some cultural sights in as well along with our chocolate eating, including seeing 2 of Zurich’s biggest churches – Fraumünster & Großmünster. It was unique to tour the Protestant churches since most of the ones we have seen in Europe so far have been richly decorated Catholic churches. These were a lot more subdued, with the stained glass windows being the main feature. We were even lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Lake Zurich on Sunday morning, before too many people were awake and the persistent fog set in.

Back to food, one of our favorite parts was indulging in some local cheese fondue for dinner one night. It was a huge pot of famous swiss cheeses and morel mushroms with a little burner underneath to keep it gooey and delicious. Sticking with local tradition, we dipped gherkins and pickled onions as well as bread into our pot and topped it all off with a few glasses of wine!  Can’t get enough of these European indulgences!

Although Zurich was tough on our wallets (60 dollars for a simple lunch yikes!), we did pick up one of our favorite souvenirs to date, an authentic Swiss cowbell! We will probably turn it into an ornament to hang on our tree along with something else from all of the other amazing places we have been 🙂


2 thoughts on “Zurich, Switzerland

  1. I’m not surprised you’d eaten all the chocolates by the end of the week – I’ve lived in Switzerland for a year and the chocolate is really not good for my waistline!


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