Tulips in the Netherlands

Since we first moved to Europe, we marked our calendars for Tulip season in the Netherlands.  Come April, we sought the fields of colorful tulips spread across the incredibly flat Holland landscape….and fields of colorful tulips we did find!

First, we had to stop at Keukenhof, the Holland park boasting 7 million tulips in bloom every spring. They had every color of tulip imaginable with some other flowers like crocus, and hyacinth mixed in to create breathtaking displays. Corey loved the huge pink tulips and Jon’s favorite was the rainbow-like display in front of the windmill! We had to leave by lunchtime (after sampling some of the Dutch food trucks and picking up some tulip pots of our own) because there were about 7 million people at the festival!

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We spent the afternoon driving all over the Netherlands (north, east, to the ocean, back west) in search of windmills and tulip fields. We woud just be driving along then BOOM lines and lines of tulips in a field, of all colors and stages of growth.  Pure tulip viewing at its finest!

For dinner we hit up a cool brewery and sampled some of the local beer and surprisingly upscale food. We had a rare taste of stout and IPA that is hard to come by in Europe (or at least Germany).

On Sunday morning we went out in search of more Dutch charm. We stumbled onto a tulip farm where the owner ran a small Pick Your Own Tulips special. 5 euros for a bag you could fit 25 tuilps in…a bargain! It was fun (but also challenging) to pull the tulips out without unearthing the bulb as well. We ended up with a colorful bouquet for our kitchen table. The experience was once in a lifetime!


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