Harry Potter Weekend

When J.K Rowling announced ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ was coming to London for a limited time, we (well, Corey) knew we had to go. A once in a lifetime chance to see a play at the legendary Palace Theater in its opening month with original cast! So we went all in…

First, we hit up the WB Studio Tour to admire the thousands of original sets, props, costumes and more. The tour started with a dramatic opening of the Hogwarts Great Hall doors and ended with an intricate scale model of Hogwarts that they used for all the CGI scenes. Jon’s favorite was the ‘creature room’ where we found a hydraulic Basilisk head, automated Buckbeak and all the goblin masks. Corey loved standing in Dumbledore’s office and seeing the massive ministry floo fireplaces. We even sipped on some butterbeer while trying to avoid the massive amount of people clambering to get a glimpse at the Dursley house. It was kind of surreal to be standing where they filmed all 8 movies – all of the sets are so small compared to how they look on screen!

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Next was the main event: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! Corey spent hours in an online pre-sale queue to snatch up some of the best seats in the house – front row balcony! We will #keepthesecrets like J.K Rowling wants but we will say this: the production was incredible! We are still trying to figure out how they did some of the magic and they couldn’t have chosen better actors. We do think the actual story leaves a little to be desired, but definitely an experience for the bucket list!



Our London luck ran out by the end of the weekend though…somehow we both got food poisoning – we’ll try not to remember that part.


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