Lake Como

Also known as Lago di Como or George Clooney’s romantic getaway, Lake Como has been a popular spot for wealthy aristocrats and celebrities since Roman times. We came for the beautiful views and relaxation. Oh and the fantastic pasta & wine!

Our visit started a bit cloudy but before weekend end we had gorgeous sunny weather and perfect boating temperatures. We were lucky enough to stay at a lake-side hotel with our own balconies.  We used the balcony well, savoring a simple lunch together of cheese and charceutrie with glasses of Brunello. The view was unbelievable: the cute town of Gravedonna, Italian alps and the spectacular Lake Como.

Gravedonna was a perfect place for some local cuisine.  One night we took a taxi up a windy road all the way up to the top of a nearby mountain for dinner overlooking the lake. La Fattoria was definitely a local place but the risotto and pizza (and huge portions) were big hits with us. We were also endlessly entertained by the family letting their dog run around on a nearby roof in the rain. Another night we dined in a former 19th century wine cellar, enjoying delicious pasta, hand-picked red wine and a great vibe whenthe staff all sat down together to enjoy a family meal next to us!

Only a half hour (and several treacherous windy roads, thanks Jon for driving) down the lake, the town of Varenna was quaint and charming, a perfect place for us to wander the narrow cobble-stone streets and pick up a few souvenirs. We watched the ferries go by and organized a boat tour of the lake.

Our skipper for the boat tour cracked jokes and showed us the famous mansions, including one used for Star Wars and James Bond’s Casino Royale. We popped a bottle of prosecco and enjoyed the views!  It was a perfect way for Kelley & John to end their European adventure!

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