Our first glimpse of Thailand began with two aborted landings in Phuket before finally achieving a bumpy touchdown during a thunderstorm. However, a few delicious local spring rolls later and a beautiful boat trip across the bay, we were officially in paradise.


Our private villa with infinity pool was worth every single penny after the craziness of India the week before.  We spent every afternoon relaxing in the pool while watching longboats chug across the bay and looking for monkeys in the nearby trees.


When not hidden away in our private paradise, we took day trips to James Bond Island and Koh Phi Phi. Technically Khao Phing Kan, The Man with the Golden Gun scene made this once rural place now teeming with tourists re-enacting the famous gun scene. We stayed just long enough for some good pics before retreating back to our longboat. Later, on our somehow private longboat (we were the only people that day on the tour!), we took an inflatable kayak through the perfect turquoise water. We also stopped for a swim in a nearby cove and checked out a local fisherman’s catch.

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Our trip to the Phi Phi Islands to snorkel was not the smoothest trip due to the high waves and crazy boat crew, but the fish were very pretty and the views incredible. We were able to feed a monkey pineapple, see the famous beach from ‘The Beach’ (no Leo sightings, unfortunately) and snorkel above famous coral reefs. We also met Mr. Bang Sit…our absolute favorite local taxi driver who showed us how rubber is collected from the island’s rubber trees and stopped by his house to grab fresh homemade banana pancakes from his wife.

For our last taste of Thailand and their delicious cuisine, we took a cooking class at our hotel with a great local chef. Learning about the Thai ingredients and way of cooking was interesting and rewarding – we got to eat it all! Jon’s favorite was the red curry duck and Corey’s favorite was the seafood with hot basil.


Thailand…we will be back!




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