With Juju & Jackie in tow (squished in the back seat of Opie), we spent a week crisscrossing Austria last May. With so many great pictures of this beautiful country, it took us almost a whole year to go through them and pick our favorites.

Innsbruck & The Alps

Driving through the alps was as breathtaking as we hoped and gave us a sense of insignificance compared to the giant snow-capped peaks. Even though it was May, we drove through snow, wind and rain for an unforgettable beginning of our road trip. One of our favorite stops was Krimml Waterfalls, the highest falls in Austria and definitely the loudest. Helped by a particularly rainy spring, the falls were bigger, louder and better than we could have imagined.

Innsbruck is a sleepy ski town, known for having held the Winter Olympics twice (’64 & ’76). We enjoyed the peaceful, laid back atmosphere while marveling at the great alps in the distance. Corey & Jackie pretended they would have the guts to go down the towering Olympic ski jump while Juju was busy taste testing the locally made schnapps.

Melk Abbey

We couldn’t resist stopping at this beautiful Baroque masterpiece on our way to Vienna. Full of history and charm, the Abbey boasts fairy tale-esque gardens and a humongous library with over 80,000 volumes.  Jon was too obedient when they said don’t take photos in the library, hence the lack of photos, but trust us, it was really cool!


The city of music charmed us like no other. We caught a little world-class opera (including one of the Three Tenors) on a live-stream on the side of Vienn’as famous Opera House and enjoyed a taste of local cakes in a nearby coffee shop. We toured the massive Schönbrunn Palace and admired the expansive gardens with views of the entire city. We even spent some time watching polar bears play within the small palace zoo.


The instagram-perfect town with 946 inhabitants, Hallstatt was a quick stopover where we wish we could have stayed longer. Squished between a lake and mountain, the town is tiny, charming and old – prehistoric artifacts are still being found in the lake by divers. Although it was rainy & foggy for our short time there, it gave the town a sense of mystery and intrigue.


This part of our trip inevitably included a sing-along sightseeing tour of the famous Sound of Music sights (Jon was not amused). Before that, we checked out Mozart’s birthplace and Fraulein Maria’s nunnery.  The next day, we drove through the ‘hills’, marveling at how alive they really did seem with kite runners & a tram ride, seeing lake after lake.

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