Bologna & Parma, Italy

In March, we got so sick of the rainy winter weather that we checked the outgoing direct flights from Dusseldorf and spontaneously picked Bologna, Italy for a weekend getaway.

Known as the city of porticoes, Bologna was full of charm and most importantly, sunshine and delicious food. We wandered the portico-covered streets and found a cute little square called Piazza San Santo Stefano. What looked like a small church turned out to be a huge religious complex housing a monastery, basilica, and several early churches. Known locally as the ‘seven churches’, our favorite shot was from the arcades above Pilate’s Courtyard, dating back to AD 740.

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We couldn’t resist a quick train ride to the nearby city of Parma, the home of Parmesan cheese and Parma ham! Before the eating-fest began, we wandered the colorful streets and made our way to the Piazza del Duomo. We loved the frescoes inside the Parma Cathedral and marveled at the pink marble from Verona that covered the nearby Baptistery. Both buildings were constructed in the 9th-10th centuries and are considered important medieval monuments.

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Other than the architecture, we can’t get enough of Italy and its incredible food! In Parma, we lunched on whole chunks of Parmesan cheese and some of the best risotto we’ve ever tasted. Some of our other favorites from the weekend included a pesto made from eggplant, handmade sage tortellini, and of course a taste of the famous Bolognese. Everything was so yummy!


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