A long weekend to Stockholm marks 3 for 3 Scandinavian countries for us – Denmark, Norway and now Sweden! Although a bit colder than mainland Europe during May, we took a chance on a long weekend in the archipaelego city.

Our favorite visit was to the Vasa Museum, housing one of the only 17th century ships that has ever been salvaged intact. After the warship sank off the coast of Stockholm on its maiden voyage, Vasa stayed underwater for more than 330 years before they managed to bring it up and build a museum around it. It’s not hard to imagine the massive wooden warship during it’s prime with intricate carvings, once thought to be painted bright colors, and immense gun decks.

We spent a lot of the weekend wandering around Gamla Stan, the old town neighborhood, dotted with colorful buildings and cute gift shops. We stopped for a chai and Kanelbulle (delicious local pastry, think spicy cinnamon roll) in the oldest building in Stockholm and searched for the perfect Dala horse to take home with us as a souvenir. We even had our favorite lunch here at a little gastro pub – Jon braved the seared reindeer and Corey enjoyed the most delicious salmon with truffle mayo.


Our last day was spent doing the small city walk on the other side of the river, which gave us a great view of the city from afar. Stockholm surprised us with good food, great souvenirs and even better charm!

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